What Your Girlfriend Secretly Wants, But Won’t Admit

What Your Girlfriend Secretly Wants, But Won’t Admit

Many men like to believe that they know women. Unfortunately, however, you do not. Most men, who have been in long relationships before have a better understanding of what women expect. If you want to know what your girlfriend secretly wants, it’s not impossible to find out.

If this is your first relationship, or you do not have experience in long term relationships, you may not know much about what women expect of you, but do not tell you.

Often times, a woman will expect you to do things, without telling you. When you fail to do what they expect, they get mad, without giving you a reason why. This can be very frustrating.

The more you know about a woman’s secret expectations, the less likely it is, that you will find yourself single again.

Invite Her Out When You Go Out With Your Friends

After being single for a long time, you are used to only thinking of yourself when it comes to making plans. You have never had to call anyone else to extend the invite but this is what your girlfriend secretly wants.

It has only been about you.  Now that you are in a relationship, your girlfriend will wonder why you are not asking her to tag along on your nights out with the boys.

Even if you and your friends are doing something that you are sure she would not enjoy, you should still extend the invitation. Being asked is nice.

If you constantly go out with your friends without including her, she may start to get suspicious. She may wonder what you are doing with your friends that you do not want her around for.

She may think that you are flirting with other girls, or meeting up with other girls behind her back.

She might even believe that you are ashamed of her, and do not want your friends to meet her, or spend time with her. In most cases, she will not tell you that she wants to be included, however, but this is what your girlfriend secretly wants.

Let Her Keep Up

When you are walking through the mall with your girlfriend, walk at her pace.

You may have longer legs than her, and this can cause you to walk faster than she can.

It is not polite to leave her lagging behind you, or to make her walk at close to a running pace in order to keep up. Your best bet is to walk beside her, holding her hand.

This will show her that you are an attentive boyfriend who is worth being with and it shows you know what your girlfriend secretly wants.

It will also give her a sense of security and protection when the two of you are out in public.

Not only that, when you are holding her hand, it will give her the impression that you are proud to show everyone around that she is your girlfriend.

Let Her Share Your Food

When the two of you go out to dinner, chances are she is not going to order as much food as she really wants to.

She may want you to think that she has plenty of self control. She may also may not want to make herself look like a glutton when she orders her food but when it comes to knowing what your girlfriend secretly wants, this is important.

You on the other hand, likely have no issue with ordering exactly what you want to eat.

While she is sitting there, eating her garden salad, you are sitting there eating a burger and fries.

Asking her to share your fries with you is a good idea. It shows her that you are caring and nurturing, and you can also be sure that she will not end your date, hungry.

Dessert is another issue. Most girls will not order dessert. Again, they don’t want you to think that they are a glutton. When you order your dessert, ask the waiter to bring an extra fork or spoon.

When the dessert comes, ask her to share it with you. Asking her to share is a sweet and romantic gesture. By sharing your food, you can score some serious points.

Give Her Flowers

All girls love getting flowers. It shows them that you care. Even if you are not the most sentimental person, you need to be a little sentimental for her.

Not only does giving her flowers show her that you care, it gives her a reason to brag to her friends about you.

All girls like to tell their friends the nice things that their boyfriend has done for them.

In a way, it is a competitive thing. One great way to give your girlfriend flowers, is to give her a single rose on your first month anniversary, two roses on your second month anniversary, and so on.

If you make it a year, you can give her a dozen roses, one rose for each month that you have been together.

Not only do you get the credit for thinking of her enough to buy flowers, you also get the credit for remembering each month anniversary – all by figuring out what your girlfriend secretly wants.

What your girlfriend secretly wants is for you to give her the gossip

It is not uncommon for other girls to flirt with you, even if they know that you have a girlfriend.

You may be out with the guys, and there are other girls there, and one sets her sights on you. The first thing that you should do, is let her know your situation, and let her know that you are not interested.

The next thing that you should do is tell your girlfriend as soon as possible.

People love to gossip. If your girlfriend finds out about the incident before you tell her, she will wonder what else you have kept from her.

She may not come right out and let you know that she needs to know when these things happen, but she definitely expects it.

It is hard to know what your girlfriend secretly wants if she does not speak up and ask for it. Unfortunately, most women will not come right out and tell you what they want. They expect you to already know.

The more you know and understand what your girlfriend secretly wants, the better your relationship will be.

There is nothing worse than having your girlfriend get mad at you, and you have no idea what they are mad about in the first place.

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