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10 Valentine Ideas To Make Her Valentine’s An Out-Of-This-World Experience

Valentine Day is upon us and the month of love is at its peak. You are probably wondering what Valentine ideas you can implement to give your girl the surprise of her life. We believe in making small and big things count in everyday life, and we have a few Valentine ideas for her to help you surprise your girl.

10 Valentine ideas for making her Valentine’s an out-of-this-world experience:

1. Surprise her with a getaway

Before you skip this point, in search of an idea that does not feel expensive, give us a chance to explain. If your girlfriend or wife is a work-at-home lady, she spends most of her life indoors. Indoor life can get boring, so instead of planning a Valentine’s Special indoors, get her out of her confines.

Knock on her door (if you do not live together) or wake her up (if you reside together) and invite her for a walk or a drive. Drive out far while singing or making jokes inside the car. Stop at a mall to buy a couple of drinks and some food, and then drive further on. Stop at a deserted place where you can both have an alone time. Sit, stand or walk around to let her enjoy your presence, as well as the vast space and wild air around her. Spend as much time as you can together, and steal kisses and hugs. If you can, take photos of your moments together. By the time you get back, she will be a free spirit, exhilarated and extremely relaxed for more surprises.

2. Dine Out or In

Daily busy schedules can take the pleasure out of human interactions. Yes, she eats out with work colleagues or fellow students, and you have stolen some moments to take her out during her short breaks from work or studies.

This Valentine’s, plan to dine out or in (order takeaway) with her, not because you want to feed her, but because you want to spend quality time with her. Do not make food the center of your dining; make jokes, play mind games or try karaoke singing during your dine in/out to show her that you value her more than the food in front of you.

3. Include other people in the surprise

Children, friends, and other family members limit the time you spend with your girl. If your girl is your wife and you have children, surprise her by getting your children to dress up, make some drawings or write some poems for her. When she is busy making breakfast for all of you, storm into her kitchen with your children and surprise her with all your gifts, hugs and kisses. Nothing can melt her heart more than seeing the entire troop she lives for joining hands to make her feel loved.

4. Write her something on a paper

Really? In this era? Before you dismiss this suggestion as being archaic just because technology is everywhere, let us explain. You can get any image/ quote online, and so can other people. This makes such images/ texts impersonal.

You want to give your girl something personal, something that you did yourself, and something that will not appear anywhere on the Internet for another girl. Scribble a love note on a paper and tuck it under her pillow, pin it on the fridge, or sneak it into her handbag where she will easily find it.

5. Good old Chocolate

Chocolate, unless she is allergic to them, always works magic. Perhaps it is in the smell, taste, implied meaning, or the fact that it (chocolate) increases the body’s production of the feel-good hormone, serotonin, thereby, boosting positive mood. Try giving her pieces of various brands and sizes of chocolates when she least expects, and watch the surprise on her face.

6. Get her real flowers

The streets and malls are lined with all sorts of plastic flowers. Be different; pluck a leaf or a streak of fresh grass or flowers and try the old trick of hiding them behind your back and shouting ‘surprise’ as you present them to her.

The fact that you take the time to get her live flowers shows her that you care for her beyond simply using your money for plastic flowers. Just make sure she is not allergic to the live flowers you present her; otherwise, you will be singing a different song on your way to a hospital/ drug store.

7. Get her something she has always desired

We do not mean that you recreate the Titanic or stand on the deck with her as the ship glides through the water. If you know your girl well, you know that one thing she has always desired. She may not even have told you, but you know somehow.

Instead of buying her the usual bouquet of flowers, get her that book or movie she has been looking for all her life. If it is a movie, come with popcorn and some cold drinks; cuddle her on the couch as you both watch it together. She will never forget that.

8. Physical closeness/ intimacy

Gifts, sweet words, outings and other gestures are awesome to your girl’s Valentine’s surprise, but nothing beats physical closeness. Depending on the level of your relationship, we propose you engage her in appropriate physical intimacy. Hug her lovingly, kiss her, touch her and or make love to her as long as it is both acceptable to you.

9. Be bent on having fun

Just because it is Valentine’s Day, and everyone expects everyone else to be in a celebratory mood, do not go through the motions of the day as if it is a death sentence. Show your girl that you love her and are happy to be spending quality time with her. Race each other, carry each other, play silly games and so on, above and beyond gifts and physical intimacy.

10. Keep the technology away

What? Do not worry. We get this reaction all the time when we advise men to detach from technology for some time. Our view is that as much as technology has made life easier, it plays havoc in real time relationships if overly used. Your girl will appreciate your absolute presence instead of feeling like she is competing with your Facebook and Twitter updates.


Make this Valentine’s Day special for your girl. Employ some or all the above Valentine ideas to surprise her. Use your best judgment and do not feel shy to ask her what she desires more than anything else.

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