10 Sure Signs A Shy Girl Likes You

10 Sure Signs A Shy Girl Likes You

How can you know for sure if a girl likes you? As a man, are there signs a shy girl likes you that you can use when you’re looking ?

While girls will remain hard to read for most men, there are some signals that they are sending, most times even subconsciously, to tell you they like you too.

For shy girls, things are even different; in most cases, the clearest signs a shy girl likes you are unintentional.

Learning some of these signs can significantly assist you realize how often a girl has tried to communicate and how many of those times you just didn’t get it. In connection with this, therefore, here are the top 10 signs a girl likes you.

1. She Insists On Hugging You

Does she always want a hug from you every time you meet, even when she did not hug the others around you?

This may be her way of telling you that she has allowed you to get closer to her than she would others. It is also probably her way of telling you that she wants to get closer to you. This is one of those signs a shy girl likes you.

2. She Never Seems To Leave

Somehow, she finds a reason to be around you. Though she might not even say anything, she doesn’t allow an opportunity to be together with you to pass by.

Remember, she is thinking about you most of the day but she can’t gather enough courage to approach you. When you know the signs a shy girl likes you, you can take action to help move the relationship forward.

3. Her Eyes Can’t Get Enough of You

Does she gaze at you from time to time, and every time you turn in her direction she pulls away? She likes you but she is nervous about it. What story do her eyes tell? Is it the story of love and fantasy?

4. She Makes Sure She Looks Stunning When She Knows You Two Will Meet

Do you think that she goes an extra mile to really dress up?

Does she pretend to be surprised when you compliment her outfit or make it seem like it is not a big deal? She is telling you the opposite.

5. She Wants To Be Friends with Your Friends

She wants to know you some more. What better way than through your friends?

She will all of a sudden have a new interest in knowing the guys you hang out with and may even chat with them about a thing or two about you.

6. She Volunteers a Lot of Information

Girls hardly volunteer a lot of information about themselves or families. If a girl trusts you enough to share with you a couple of personal things (for instance, letting you know that she is not wearing an underwear), consider it as a great sign. 😉

7. She Remembers Stuff You Said a Long Time Ago

She reminds you of things you said that you cannot remember. She was so attentive even when you were just expressing random thoughts. This is one of those sure fire signs a shy girl likes you.

8. She Participates In Any Discussion You Are Part Of

The shy girl wants to be part of your conversations. She comments on most of what you post on Facebook and tags you every chance she gets.

She will make a comment on a thread you are in just so you remember her when you get notified about the newest comment on the thread.

9. She Says She Is Feeling Cold In the Hope That You Will Give Her Your Sweater

She is now trying to read you and wants to know if you adore her. If she sees you make that sacrifice, then she knows there is chance you might be interested in her too.

10. She Keeps Asking For Your Help

Sometimes she might even ask for help on a problem she already has an answer or solution to.

She will ask for help with her homework; she will ask for directions to a place she is going; she will even ask you for advice on how she can write a job-winning curriculum vitae – anything to get you two talking.

There you have it; some of the top signs a girl likes you. Generally, girls have their unique signature moves and their way of doing things.

If her behavior appears prominently on this list, and you went home alone last night, there are high chances that you might have missed the boat. Nonetheless, there is no need to fret; go and talk to her. You will be glad you did.

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