Recreate Yourself as a Gentleman

20 Ways to Recreate Yourself as a Gentleman

Most men have forgotten one important thing because of the technology era: themselves.

Now is the time to re-create yourself as a gentleman, to turn your weakness into greatness. Forge a character that even the man’s biggest critic can respect: Yourself.

Some of the small things you can do each day only take a few minutes.

Gentlemen vs. Men

The following list will help you achieve what others have learned the hard way.

For a Gentleman, reputation, firmness, fairness, good manners, and tolerance are the most important values. Someone who searches for the meaning of life, rather than being influenced by the superfluous. He is at ease in the company of all kinds of people, no matter how big their houses or cars are.

To become the master of his life, a man must first master his character.

1. Examine your daily habits and try to drop addictions

The best habit a man can have is to make right on all of his commitments.

Consider and say No to: sugar (candy, soda/pop), fats (fast-food), smoking, drink to much alcohol or bad ones(low quality wines or beers), taking any kind of magic pils (for sleep or to loose weight), spend money just to repair a broken hart or to make friends etc.

2. Help other, but be wise about this

When looking for opportunities to be helpful and help others, understand that people will take advantage of these traits. Be careful to who you redirect your good will and find the right place to do it.

How: visit an animal rescue shelter or a local orphanage, if you are good at any sport become a coach and teach some kids the rules, give your launch to a homeless people, go to a school and have a speech about business, money or anything will make the kids interested, etc.

3. Invest in you and your style

If you have an old pair of shoes or you’ve been wearing the same belt for years, it’s time to invest some money. Be sure you have at least 5-10 shirts, one pair of shoes and sneakers. A good investment can be a watch- a true gentleman is said that must have 3 watches.

Be careful not to fall into the trap to be attached to your material possessions. They are all just things, that you use and that are not ruling your life.

4. Play with kids

Remember the days your parents took you to boring places, full of adults? Even if you don’t like the kids or the noise they make, try to be more friendly. Be that man that talks to them, teach them a new game or ask them about a movie. You can be their hero, at least for the moment.

5. Don’t forget your friends and family

Don’t forget about them and spend more time together. Send letters if they are too far away, small gift on Christmas and make your plans to visit them at least once a year. Keep you friends as close as you can as they represent you and are probably the ones that will help you when you need it.

As for your wife and kids, remember that their importance to you can significantly be measured by the amount of time spent with them.

6. Don’t be afraid to fail

Learn to accept failure and defeat. Believe that the only time you will ever truly fail is when you agree to quit. Embrace every mistake you make , and more important make peace with your past decisions. Use those previous lessons to improve your future, plan it and achieve success.

It may not be so easy and you may sometimes willing to quit. The real success comes from failures and from the approach you make to your plans. Never quit and if you need to, don’t be afraid ti ask for help.

7. Check your budget

Grit your teeth, open up those bill collector letters, and get them paid down. If you want more freedom, the answer is simple: try to reduce your debt.

Start learning how to invest and begin saving for the things that matter the most. To figure out how to stop buying things you don’t need look at your last five purchases. You will see most of them are just far away from being useful things.

8. Enjoy every step every day. Life is your journey

It’s easy to moan around  all day and succumb to self-pity. The truth is you can control your life. It will determine the attitude life has right back towards you.

Do so by setting it every single morning. Every single day, every man out there is on a journey of self-progression. Enjoy it for what it is, try to be better and always fight and find solutions for your life. You can be whatever you like, when you like. Learn that nothing can stop you achieve your goals.

9. Act like a gentleman when it comes to your woman.

Chivalry is simple but often forgotten. Open the door, give her your jacket, buy her flowers. These small things don’t make you a doormat; they make you a man women will respect. You can use this even if you like to marry her or is just your girlfriend.

10. Make friends and network all the time

It’s not always about what you know, but also about who you know. Make sure you have always some business cards with you and be ready for new friends. Open any subject like what you do, your hobbies or your favorite travel places. You will be surprised to see that there are other people out there that enjoy some of your things.

11. Don’t be afraid to love

When it comes to love, many men are played as a fool. Cupid strikes us all, but to be a better man you must always keep your guard and read the signs. Take a step back and look from time to time from outside your relationship.

If needed, let end a relationship and let go. There is no person in the world that worths to keep you in a sick relationship that is not build on love and trust. If a woman acts like she is not involved simply let her go or kick her out. A lot of them may manipulate you and live a double life. Don’t be stuck in something that keeps you from going on your way. The woman must join you in the journey not slowing you down.

More, don’t associate women with happiness or as a priority you must chase right now. Within time, become a better man women want to pursue.

12. Envy is not good

Accept what you currently have, not what you wish or think you need. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. We all have our own way in this world. All you have tot do is follow your path. If you have not found it yet, open your eyes and look around. Listen more, plan and work to achieve your dreams.

13. Get on the dance floor

You don’t have to hit the local nightclub every weekend to know that dancing is a part of life. But every time you are at a party or some where you can enjoy music, don’t stay apart. Invite a girl to join you or simply feel good and others will follow. Spend some time taking dancing lessons and you’ll become more confident in your moves on the floor.

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