5 Powerful Reasons Why Men Get Rejected By Women

5 Powerful Reasons Why Men Get Rejected By Women

Finding out why men get rejected is one of the most powerful ways to improve your dating game overnight.

No matter how good your game is, or how close of a connection you think you may be developing with a certain someone, the fact of the matter is that you might get rejected.

Sometimes, you may get rejected more than you would expect, even if all of the positive signs were there. The game of love is a hard one to pursue, and rejection is an inevitability.

That said, it does not always have to be such a big deal either. But the problem that most men have is understanding what they did wrong.

If you do not know the clear reason why you were turned down, then chances are that you will not improve in the future.

This can lead to further problems down the line, as you might end up making the same mistake over and over again.

Some of the top reasons men get rejected have nothing to do with the man’s intent at all. Other times, it has everything to do with how the man has been presenting himself.

Presentation is often key when it comes to attracting the woman’s attention, and it is something that a lot of men overlook.

It can be a very liberating thing for a man to understand, if he is willing to wrap his head around it.

The problem is not you, the problem is how you are presenting yourself. Fortunately, however, it is not a hard fix.

All that you have to do is keep some of the following things in mind next time you approach someone who catches your eye.

Watch the Body Language

While it is true that your confidence is something that women will find sexy, there is more to it than just boasting and flirting.

You need to dig deeper into your body language to prove that you are comfortable with yourself. You want to show your date that you are comfortable and entirely laid back in your own skin, and always feel in control of any situation.

Stand up straight and always make eye contact. A large part of the communication that occurs between people is not verbal at all. Your words may not even exist if you can present yourself in an alluring way.

However, women are also good at telling if you are actually confident in yourself, or if you are just trying too hard – the latter being one of the reasons why men get rejected.

Work through any confidence issues that you may have, and you will see how easy it is to approach women without having to fear rejection.

Match the Energy with the Atmosphere

When men think about the ideal man that all women want, they imagine somebody serious and solemn.

They picture a grounding and powerful force, but the truth is that this is not always something that women want and it’s also one of the reasons why men get rejected.

Women want somebody that they can connect with. Before you ask a woman out, take a look at her energy, her vibe, and the way the atmosphere is around her friends.

All women will want to meet you when you are on their level, so be charming and attentive to her reactions.

The key is to adjust your approach when you need to. Women will not be as tempted to turn you down immediately when you engage them and respond to their body language.

When you show her that you can understand her body language, you interested her, and immediately she will want to learn more about you.

Choose Positive Body Language

Body language is important. Understanding that fact will help you in every single endeavour that you will want to pursue. It really is that important.

Both dating and flirting are just nature’s way of helping people connect and see if they are right for each other.

Those very same basic instincts that had first developed in us hundreds of thousands of years ago are very much active and alive today.

When you face a woman head on, you make her feel as though she is being confronted, and that will result in her feeling uncomfortable.

Approach from an angle between the front and the side to ease her into your presence, and just begin talking.

It does not matter about what, so long as you send the right signals her way, and pick up on the ones that she sends you. Try to practice being confident without being too aggressive.

Why Men Get Rejected for Being Too Loud

Being socially appropriate is something that is absolutely crucial when it comes to dating situations. When you know how to be assertive and confident, however, it can end up becoming a bit of a problem.

You will know what you want, and she will pick up on that and reciprocate it, but you still need to remember your environment and what is expected of you.

Being loud and obnoxious will never get you the attention that you need, and neither will you slipping into their circle and just waiting for her to talk to you.

There is a fine balance between both of these extremes, and finding it can be enough to turn any conversation in your favor.

Harness that confidence, show her that you are interested, but avoid being too overbearing. You will want to appear interested, but never desperate or obsessed or you’ll find first hand why men get rejected.

Commit to What You Want

You will never get that yes from someone who interests you if you do not want her to say yes. If you expect her to react positively, and adjust your energy accordingly, she will react positively.

It is as simple as that. If you really, truly want to spend time with this lady and get to know her more, then you are going to have to, at a certain point, want to spend time with her.

Always go into any situation with the desire to learn more about her, and always adjust your body language appropriately.

If you have dealt with rejection a lot in the past, it is likely because you were trying the same approach and expecting different results.

Try to change it up with something new. Think about your body language and see how she will react, and always be sure to maintain a positive energy.

I hope you’ve found this post useful when it comes to learning why men get rejected. There’s a great product that goes more in-depth about it and it’s actually really good.

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