5 Steps To Meeting And Attracting Beautiful Women

5 Steps To Meeting And Attracting Beautiful Women

Have you ever had the idea that there is no way on earth that you could be good at attracting women? I think that there is a time in every guys life, even the hot ones, when this thought has crossed their minds.

The question here is “how to attract women“? Well, here are a few things that worked rather well for myself in the past.

1. Be Yourself

It really takes a load more effort to try and be someone that you are not – trust me! Most girls can pick when you are being “fake” and your chances become much slimmer when this happens. Girls dig honesty!

2. Look the Best you Can

Being yourself does not mean that you need to go out in your gardening shorts when looking for women. Even though looks are important to women, they are not everything, but you will want to make sure that you look presentable when you approach women.

3. Communication is Key

It does not matter what type of women you are looking to attract, if you cannot communicate with her, your chances drop immediately. Pay attention to what the lady in question is saying and try to respond in such a way that she wants to know more about you. Never start of a conversation with something about yourself!

4. Believe in Yourself

If you go out there thinking that you cannot attract the woman of your dreams, you will not! Positivity shows, especially if you yourself believe it will happen. Accept the fact that not every woman you approach will fall for your new-found charm. It just works that way for men and women alike. Some people like peperoni on their pizza and some do not!

5. Be Interesting

Think about it! Would you want to meet someone new and hear all about their drama within a few minutes? NO, you would not! Keep the conversation light, crack a “decent” joke or two, try to talk about topics that both you and the lady are interested in. Leave your baggage at home – there will be tons of time for her to hear about all that stuff if you DO actually hit it off.

Right, these are the basics of attracting women, but I am sure most of you are wondering how to attract beautiful women in particular – right?

This can be simple and it can be complicated to get right. It does depend a lot on the type of beautiful woman that you approach, so do not feel bad if your first attempt does not work!

Some beautiful women (e.g the gold digger type) will only be interested in the amount of money you earn, what you drive and what you do for a living. In this case, if you do not meet all of her criteria, you most likely will not have a chance.

Then there are “real” beautiful women, who will actually give you the time of day and be willing to get to know the real you before they say that they are not interested.

In general, most women will put honesty at the top of their lists – think about that!

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