Legit (And Cheap) and Romantic Summertime Dates That Don’t Suck

20 Legit (And Cheap) and Romantic Summertime Dates That Don’t Suck

Summer is here and its time to bust out of your winter funk! If your like me and like to date inexpensively, I have made a list for you of the best summertime dates!

While we can easily spend $100 on a bartab in any given night, why not do something more creative and memorable with your date. Here are 20 legit (and cheap) summer date ideas!


A perfect way to hide how cheap you are by pretending you enjoy the great outdoors! Get to the top and you have a good excuse to take some photos together!

Drive In Theater

Everyone has taken their date to a movie, but how about a drive-in theater? Check to see if your city has one and get cozy in the back of the car. Perfect for some alone time with some entertainment.

Outdoor Concerts

Every major city has a host of free outdoor concerts! If your in Los Angeles, check out Jazz night at LACMA!

Pool Party

Look up trendy hotels in your area – they all are throwing summertime events! Look up when they are and (pro-tip) call ahead to get yourself on the guest list.

Garage Sales

Hear me out on this one! I love garage sales / estate sales because they are full of cool conversational pieces (the junk as well as the people)! Don’t plan your day around it, but if you drive by one, be spontaneous and pull over!

Amateur Sporting Events

Minor league baseball, hockey and basketball are all super cheap and just as entertaining as the professionals (with cheaper beer)!

Wine Tasting

Get your sophisticated side on and look up some wineries in your area. If your in the LA area, check out Malibu wines!

Festival Season

Not the cheapest on the list, but scope out some that are in your area! It will definitely make for an unforgettable day!

Ice Cream

Taking it back old school. Nothing beats grabbing some ice cream and walking around!

Beach Day

Perfect way to spend a hot day and you can get away with spending very little! Don’t be a bum, pack a cooler with some drinks and food!


Some Zoo’s offer beer and wine nights! Check out their events page to double down on a cool date idea!


There are a TON of cool museums in LA and probably in your city too! Check them out and try to act like you’ve done this before.

Go Camping

I’m not an outdoorsy person but I like drinking beer and roasting smores by a fire! Borrow your buddies tent, find some cheap campgrounds near you and hit the road!

Flea Market

Tons of cool shopping to do, people watching, and things to talk about on a date! You can get into the one on Melrose for a buck!

Driving Range

Go smack some balls for around $8 bucks a bucket. Most shops will loan you a set of clubs for free if you dont have any. If you suck at golf that much try mini golfing!


Stop being a dick and go down to the animal shelter, help out at the soup kitchen or read to some kids! It is seriously some of the most rewarding stuff that I do with my time and girls will think the world of it!

Bike Ride

Head down to the beach and rent some or cruise around town with your own!

Shooting Range

Probably on the pricier side of things to do here, but its sure to land you some pictures with your date and score you some manly points!


Get some cheap meat, invite some friends over and throw a few back! Your girl will get to meet all of your friends and you’ll be at the center of attention working that grill! If your a real baller, you can also do this!

Lazer Tag

I used to have a crew of friends that would go once a month! We would have a few beers in the parking lot and then go zap a bunch of kids – could not have been anymore fun!

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