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Coming up with inexpensive date night ideas can be challenging and a lighter wallet can really add to that challenge.

However, there are many simple and cheap date night ideas that are guaranteed to put the sparkle back in your partner’s eye.

Spending less money on your date, actually gives you more time to pay attention to each other and engage in meaningful conversations about the past, present and future.

Here are a list of 60 great date ideas that won’t break the bank but will allow you to build lots of memories with that special someone in your life:

1. Comedy Club Night

Share a night out at a comedy club amateur night. The cost is is usually the price of 2 drinks and you are guaranteed a couple of laughs, whether it’s at the comedian or each other!

2. Go Take a Yoga Class

Choose a nearby yoga class and get your sweat on! The bonding you guys will get from taking a class together will be second to the spark you guys get when you’re all sweaty!

3. Visit an Arcade

Bring out the 11 year old’s in each other and indulge in a game of Pacman. You might just be able to teach other a few new – old school tricks. Bonus points if its a barcade, there are several where I live in Los Angeles!

4. Go Apple Picking

Give yourself a break from the city and go apple picking. Wear something cool and casual and ask your lady to wear that sexy plaid shirt that ties high around the waist.

5. Use public Transport

Give your car a break and take the train. Choose an interesting location such as the beach or an historical place, just outside your city and enjoy the ride there, in public transport. This will give you time to spend talking.

6. Play Bumper Cars

Yes, this is a great way to bring out the child in each other. Its fun and gets your adrenaline pumping, while you have a few bumps and laughs at each others’ expense.

7. Go for a stroll on the beach

Girls will always remember that time you took them for a sunset stroll on a beach and held hands. Not only is it free, but its guaranteed to make her smile.

8. Enjoy a Film Festival

There are times when you can have a lazy date night at home and staging your own film festival is a great theme. Choose your favorite movies, load up on your favorite snacks, turn off the lights and enjoy!

9. Go to a Rodeo

This is a great way to have fun, the good old fashioned and dirty way!

If you live in the city and can’t attend one, go to one of those bars that have a mechanical bull and enjoy the entertainment that comes from watching drunk patrons struggle to stay on.

This is one of those inexpensive date night ideas that will have you laughing all night.

10. Go See a Local Band

Go see a local band that neither of you have seen before. This is a nice way to learn about each others taste in music and listening to anything rock and roll, will make you appear cooler.

11. Enjoy Some Sports

Get your blood pumping by going to a noisy game and rooting for your favorite team. If you guys root for opposite teams, there’s nothing wrong with a little playful rivalry.

12. Amaze Your Partner with your General Knowledge

Play Trivia night at a local bar. You can amaze – or amuse your partner with your list of useless facts and the winning team gets drinks on the house!

13. Visit the Library

Contrary to what many people think, this doesn’t have to be a boring experience if you check out the Kama Sutra together! Whispering in each others ear is also a great way to add some fun to the date.

14. Visit Your Local Botanical Garden

This is a great way to tone it down if you need to relax and just enjoy the environment around you. Walk around hand in hand sharing childhood stories and kissing under pine leaves.

15. Enjoy Bowling Together

Enjoy a simple bowling night out. Show off your best moves and don’t focus too much on the shoes!

16. Visit a museum

You may choose to visit a naughty “sex museum” or a nice historic one. It all depends on the mood you are trying to create.

17. Grab a Deck of Cards

Choose a location, it can be a secluded picnic spot or the kitchen table – if no one’s home and play your favorite card games. Place strip poker high the list!

18. Visit the Driving Range

Hire a few clubs and show her the correct way to align her hips for a perfect swing.

19. Visit Your Local Farmer’s Market

No matter what season you’re in, head over to the farmers market and pick out a hand full of each others’ favorite veggies. Head back to your place to create a warm and tasty meal for each other.

20. Go to an Open Gallery

This is a great way to have a date as you get to view fantastic artwork, enjoy a glass of wine and the best part of it all is that – there is no entry fee!

21. Enjoy a Ghost Tour

This is meant for those chilly winter months. Tap into your imagination, sarcasm and disbelief as you get your blood pumping, while seeing each others’ breathe blowing.

22. Hire a Paddle Boat

Hire a dinghy in a nearby lake and enjoy some quality time together while floating over the water.

23. Make Ice cream Together

Whether you use an electric mixer or a hand cranker, this is a great way to spend time together and enjoy a tasty treat at the same time.

24. Go Snowboarding

Take advantage of the winter season by trading in your dinner and a movie night idea, for some adrenaline rushing snowboarding. Invite her to try it out with you and show off your adventurous, not to mention athletic side.

This may not be the cheapest idea on the list depending on where you live, but its sure to be memorable!

25. Go Fishing

Now the point of this activity is not to actually catch any fish, but give you plenty of time to talk and get to know each other more intimately and if you do catch a fish – its a bonus!

26. Visit the Zoo

This will make for a great date if you guys are both animal lovers. Stroll around taking in the sights of cute and cuddly creatures, while sharing a few cuddles with each other.

27. Learn Horseback Riding

If you don’t know how to ride, take a lesson together – if you do, ride out into the sunset, preferably on a beach.

28. Try your Hand at a Korean BBQ

These ethnic spots are great for having a change of scenery and experience something new. These restaurants are somewhat different in the sense that you need to remove your shoes at the door, and grill your own entrees at a floor level table.

29. Figure Out a Maze

This can provide hours of fun and will create quite a thrill if you actually do get lost.

30. Spend Some Time at a Beer Garden

This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but will provide some boozy fun for the right couple. This age old German festivity will allow you to truly test your tolerance.

31. Go to a Music festival

There is nothing quite as romantic as enjoying an outdoor music festival together.

32. Enjoy an Outdoor Movie

If its summer time, grab your cooler and a blanket and enjoy an outdoor movie. Alternatively, go to your local drive-in, if there is still one and give yourself a better chance to make-out!

33. Have Your Fortune Told

Where you believe in this or not, it is great way to engage in some thought provoking conversation. Just remember to steer clear of any love-life related questions.

34. Enjoy a Picnic at a Park

This may sound like the typical, boring date that many people think of-first, however the power of laying on a picnic blanket, in a peaceful atmosphere with your better half right next to you, should not be underestimated.

Include a bottle of wine for a more relaxing time.

35. Go Swimming in an Outdoor Public Pool

Most of the kids will be gone after dark and there’s something extremely romantic and exciting about swimming in water after dark.

36. Enjoy a Pottery Lesson

Now this idea needs no explanation. It worked wonders for the couple in the movie “Ghost”.

37. Rent Bikes

This is a great way to explore the city or the countryside.

38. Ride a Roller Coaster

Studies show that this is a great way to boost arousal and build emotional bonds. Again, not the cheapest idea on the list but is sure to be memorable for her.

39. Enjoy Some Roller Skating

Your grandparents did it when they were dating, however, this age old activity has stood the test of time. Hold hands for a more romantic time.

40. Play a Game of Scrabble

So she’s hot and you like her – a lot, now get to see whether she can spell or not. It’s exciting and a great way to enjoy each others company.

41. Make Pizza together

This could prove to be highly beneficial to both of you if your pizzas are edible, alternatively keep the number of a pizza delivery place on hand.

42. Visit a Fair

This is a nice way to win her a stuffed animal, eat too much cotton candy and ride the ferries wheel and the carousel together.

43. Go to a Stand up Comedy Show

Laughing releases feel good hormones and it sets the tone for the night ahead.

44. Talk a Dog for Walk

Animal shelters are always in need of volunteers. Take a puppy or two for a walk. This is a great way of finding out whether she is an animal lover or not.

45. Go to a Water Park

Tell her to forget the mascara and hair products, and put on her cutest bikini. Make sure you go during off-peak times, when most of the kids are away.

46. Enjoy Wine Tasting

Aside from the obvious benefits, you may learn a thing or two about vintages, bouquets, grapes and of course – her.

47. Take a Scenic Road Trip

You can pack a few snacks from home and hit the road. Use this time to take in the views and share each others thoughts on life.

48. Enjoy a Day at the Beach

Spend the day making sand castles and skipping rocks.

49. Visit an Indoor Rock Climbing Gym

This is great way to see if she is in great shape and who knows, she just might surprise you.

50. Volunteer at an Archaeological Dig

You might find some interesting treasure and its a constructive way of playing in the dirt.

51. Create a Bake-Night

Stay at home and try baking something, whether its cookies, brownies or cupcakes. Enjoy your baked treats afterwards over a cup of hot chocolate.

52. Volunteer

This is a nice way of helping others less fortunate than yourselves. You may volunteer at a soup kitchen one week, a nursing home the next or a homeless shelter, the next time you have time together.

53. Take a Meditation Class Together

Everyone needs some quiet reflection every now and again and why not do it together. You may also choose to take a fitness class or a gardening workshop together.

54. Try Out Each Others Hobbies

Just once, try out her favorite hobby and teach her yours as well.

55. Go Dancing

Choose any type of dance at any location and dance the night away. Take advantage of the opportunity to feel young again show off your best dance moves.

56. Visit a Playground Together

Become a child again as you see who can swing the highest.

57. Go to a Bed and Breakfast

Find a local bed and breakfast that’s affordable and enjoy a quiet and romantic retreat.

58. Camp Out

Choose a state Park and camp out for the night.

59. Create a Scrap book

Make a scrap book of your fondest memories and share it with each other.

60. Feed the Bird at your local Park

This makes for a tranquil date.

There are various ways to enjoy a date night out, without having to spend a fortune. Resist the temptation of spending unnecessary cash and enjoy these simple yet effective date night ideas.

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60 Simple And Inexpensive Date Night Ideas