How to Impress a Russian Woman
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How to Impress a Russian Woman

If you are planning to date or more, to marry a Russian woman, for sure you need a little help. We have here a bunch of tips that will help you have the right attitude and master the rules of dating.

Myths about a Russian woman

There are numerous myths about Russian women especially in the West, some of them may be somehow true, but some are seriously senseless. Myths like the Russian women are only in a chase of money or that they are not carrier-oriented are the first of them. We all know that these facts varies from woman to woman and in all circumstances money can’t buy love.

Women are unique and like other nations they would love to have a home, kids and a good job.

It is not a secret that Russian women are beautiful and because of their alluring looks and dressing sense they become more attractive to men. Every man wants to meet a beautiful woman and nowadays Russian girls are like a trend, especially for Americans. Actors, singers and even men like Dan Bilzerian like the company of a hot Russian woman. Most of them even marry these sexy girls despite the fact many men think they do this just to get a passport and leave Russia.

Russian women spend a lot of time to makeup and dress, and the funny fact is that they don’t spend a lot of money on this. They are true artists about colors, mixing accessories and they can bring a new look every day without buying new things.

Dressing Nicely is your Main Gun

Russian men tend to dress very simply and don’t put much price on their look and once they’re in a relationship they can often loose the sense of dressing well entirely and settle down into a more comfortable look.

To impress your girl, do the opposite and dress sharply – but be sure not to have too much luxury items as some of them have a sharp eye for this. And never, but NEVER, wear at this kind of date fake watches or cheap shoes with a well-known logo. They are updated with the latest fashion trends and for sure they can “smell” an intruder from miles. Better have non-expensive watches or tie from middle range brands than replicas. There are a lot of quality men accessories at fair prices.

You can wear basics that are made of high-quality material, are relatively fashionable (stay away from denim and sneakers) and you’ll definitely be in her good books from the first moments.

Be Nice and act Like a Gentleman

Russian men are well-trained in chivalry, and no matter the age of your Russian girl you will want to make sure you take care of her in the way a true gentleman does. You can use this tips that will prepare you to act like a gentleman.

Russian women are famous for their affinity for flowers and you should know that in Russian society flowers are bought for almost any occasion. Your Russian woman will appreciate you bringing her bouquets on first date, her birthday or just to remember how much you like her.

More, don’t forget to pick up the bill at the restaurant without discussion, open the doors and always carry everything except her purse for evident reasons.

Note and keep track that Russian men are quite rough and you will impress her if you listen to her, make her laugh and give her that comfortable, happy state. Try to stay away from the “always nice-guy” territory, don’t be like a brother or friend, but listen to her, support her and flirt with her from time to time. She must see you as a alpha male not like a friend who listens to her, buys dinner and drives her back home.

Make her Count

In the Russian society they are still stuck in a very traditional conception of gender roles, and it is a common assumption of Russian women that Western men are more accepting of women’s changing role in society.

This means that you should be accepting of whichever way she decides to live her life. She may want to be housewife, a career woman or a mix. If you like her enough and want to marry her offer that support and she will thank you later. And of course you will win in the end a happy woman that has what she wanted.

Let her makes choices, support and try to be involved. If she likes to be more like a homemaker, get yourself involved in the home jobs, help her clean around, cook from time to time and don’t expect that this is only her job. Cooking together can be fun and may be a moment for both of you to work as a team.

So, if you have the luck to meet a Russian girl enjoy her caring and supportive nature and take as much as you can from her beauty and sex-appeal. Understand the individuality of every woman, forget the stories from media and wash your mind from all myths. You are now ready to meet some Russian girls, plan a Russian marriage tour and find your life partner.

Do you like Russian girls or have you ever met one? Would you marry a Russian woman? Please leave your comment below and name a preferred girl if you have one.

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