First Date Tips

10 Useful First Date Tips For Men

When you are about to indulge in yet another first date, the usual nerves take hold, and you begin wondering how to act.

The standard advice to be yourself and act positively do not always cut it. If you really want to make a romantic connection, here are ten of the most useful first date tips I can give you:

1.  Get Close

Personal space is important, but when two people are trying to create a sense of intimacy, it is smart to get close and act like old friends. It is essential to maintain closeness throughout the entire date. For instance, you should sit next to her at dinner instead of across the table. Even when you are simply walking to the car, you arms should slightly touch.

2.  Speak Less, Listen More

One of the most helpful first date tips for men is to open your ears and shut your mouth. The biggest turnoff is a nervous guy who will not stop talking. Allow your date to control the conversation. This makes her feel important and takes the pressure off you.

3.  Do Not Over Compliment

Everyone enjoys a compliment, but it must be sincere. A woman can sense when you are being fake and trying to butter her up for sex. Giving a true compliment will outweigh several insincere ones.

4.  Do Something Fun

Instead of simply going to dinner or a movie, choose an activity that will make you both laugh. For instance, attending a comedy show or go-karting will create positive emotions and erase nervous tension.

5.  Create a Romantic Environment

In place of going to a club or somewhere loud, you should consider a jazz lounge or a wine tasting event. These activities create a tone for romance. It is also easier to move in for a kiss in a more private location.

6.  Give Seductive Clues

You should playfully flirt during the first part of the date. If you feel she is into you, pour on some seductive charm. For example, bite your lip, give a suggestive look, or devilishly smirk as she flirts with you. Make sure to read my other post on flirting to find out if she’s really flirting with you before making any awkward moves.

7.  Playfully Discuss the Future

The best way to plant seeds of future dates into a girl’s head is to joke about plans to come.  Lightheartedly discuss how you can imagine taking her on a fun vacation or other future activities.

8.  Share an Old Story

When you open up to a girl with a funny and endearing story, you are showing a vulnerable side that women love.  If you share a story, she is likely to do the same. This breaks down walls and establishes trust and a personal connection.

9.  Be Open to Intimate Subjects

If your date begins talking about sex, do not shy away. You may wish to ask what qualities she likes in a man or what turns her on.

10.  Kiss Her

To kiss or not to kiss is always a quandary. If you feel your date’s body language suggests she is open to a kiss, continue through and give her one.

Do not slam your tongue down her throat.  Keep eye contact and move slowly. If you get a positive reaction, you should keep kissing her.

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