Simple Ways to Fight Depression and Improve Your Life

Simple Ways to Fight Depression and Improve Your Life

Maybe you have no job or you are just in one of those moment when you want a little more action in your life. Are you tired of that routine or you are fighting depression or to makes some changes? It happens to all of us, but guess what? There is a solution for this!

There are moments when you feel like you are stuck in a routine that is far from being interesting. Wake up every morning, go to work, come back.

Looks common to you?

Or maybe you are in a comfort zone and there is nothing exciting for you? For some maybe looks scary to leave that area, but there is a secret to make things look great again.

So, if you are planning to make your days more interesting and get that lost spice in your day to day activity, read these tips below.

Act freely and spontaneous

Sometimes all those boring days are just our mind extension and the effect of our planning. Everyday you know what you have to do and probably you make a plan. Try to break that plan from time to time and look for ways to act spontaneous.

For example try to change your daily habit and don’t drink your coffee at home and try a new cafe shop. Crowded places have sometime a good effect on you. This way you can meet new people and have a chat in the morning.

If you are not so sociable in the morning, think of someone that may need some help and offer your support. It can be your new colleague or the new secretary that smiles you every morning.

Don’t forget the loved one and buy a small gift or some flowers even if there is no occasion to do so. You can even do that for your dog, he will sure love small gifts.

Spontaneous acts like this make everybody happy.

Learn something new

In a world that is full of technology and speed, depression looks something unreal. What is strange is that technology was supposed to make us better, but instead it has the power to turn us against each other.

Remember those people that go out with friends and they don’t leave those phones down?

A study showed that an average person check the phone 85 times a day, which is about one third of the wake time. Try and stay way of this habit and use this time for something that can help you.

For example you can learn a new sport, language or skill. If you thought sometimes to change your job, use this time to learn a new skill.

Do you know that if you read 1 hour a day, you can finish about 10 books a month?

With this information you can easily start to learn something new from various domains like: photography, design, writing, entrepreneurship, eCommerce etc.

Make a daily habit to keep track on this task and start looking for books, articles or courses. You will have a new goal now as days will pass easily and there will be more excitement in your daily activity.

Every month check what you have learned and talk about this with friends and family. The process of learning and having a purpose will make you proud and, on long term, will make life more meaning.

Stick to a new long-term plan

This new level of changing has a lot to do with the one presented above. As long as you start learning something new, it’s time to set a new goal, a new challenge.

If you are unsatisfied with your job, try and look for a new one. Or maybe it’s time to have your own business. As long as you learned new things it may be the time to apply and work for yourself.

Don’t act too fast, think what you like to do and put on a paper the main characteristics of your dream job or what would you love to do. Think of the opportunities you have in this field and make research of the way you can achieve this goal.

Let’s say that you already do this and have a good income. Maybe you wish to write a book.

Start today and write the idea. Keep track of what you write, set goals to keep you motivated.

Stop complaining and find excuses.

Instead, start looking for opportunities and enjoy small aspects of life. You are the only one that can make a change and all small things have a purpose.

These are small steps, but they lead to bigger changes. Make a change and start today with something new. Don’t let that comfort or depression stop you from achieving happiness and joy!

Leave a comment below and tell us what do you do to fight routine? Do you have something to share with others? 

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