5 Essential Dating Advice for Men

5 Essential Dating Advice for Men

There are a lot of pick-up tips these days. They suggest to be that MAN every girl wants, push on social media and act like a true alpha male. The fact is that you don’t need all of these. 

There’s a lot of nonsense when it comes to meeting women and dating these days. You know it, you’ve probably paid for it. But a good dating advice will set you on the right road.

1. Dating is a lot like cold calling. Start to communicate now

If you’re expecting the woman of your dreams to call you out of the blue without advertising yourself first, you’re dreaming. Start working on your speaking skills and look around you. A man can either speak up or go unheard and remain unknown.

2. Stop chasing women all the time

This is just loosing your time. Use this time to become a better and interesting man. Don’t sacrifice your time of going to a cooking class or a dance class chasing women. Act like a gentleman, reinvent yourself if necessary and don’t loose your track. Act natural, smile and talk open. Women don’t want a good guy, they genuinely want a GREAT man.

3. Do the things you love. Be open to new experiences

Embrace every moment and don’t stay out of the action. Be active, try different things and you will meet interesting people doing the same things. Women love action, and a man that can join them is something they want to connect to. Keep in mind this dating advice as is one of the most important ones. Make her laugh, act freely and you will get her heart.

4. Don’t text. Call her or ask her for a date

When you have something important to say, just call her. You will look more like a man and not like you just want to invite her to your dorm room. Prove that you master the language and that you are open for a conversation with her.

5. First impression is important. Don’t get stick to anyone if you don’t want to

If you follow this advice on your first date, it will be simple, active and fun. Remember what you have discussed with her, what was she like what did you like about her. Be creative, plan next dates and you will start building some memories. Plus you’ll both have something which you share together, which will only bring her closer to you.

So be a gentleman and treat her with respect regardless of the outcome, because you never know what’s going to happen down the road.

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