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3 Tips to Dress For a First Date and Make it a Success

Most relationships are built on a series of first impressions. So let’s find out some tips to be the “one” and dress according to your first date.

1.Try to dress for the appropriate occasion

Usually you don’t want to be super dressed up if you’re going on a hiking date. On the other hand, you probably don’t want to wear your old jeans and yesterday’s t-shirt to a fancy restaurant. You need to know from the start what type of date it’s going to be before you make any plans with your clothes.

  • For a picnic, or for a coffee, wear some nicer variation of what you normally wear. If you wear skirts and flats mostly, stick with that, but wear something a little fancier than you usually do.
  • For a really fancy occasion (like a nice restaurant or similar) try to find out what the restaurant dress code tends to be. Don’t overdress or under dress. A nice black dress, with nice shoes, and some jewelry will do you well.

TIP #1: When in doubt, choose red

Why? Studies have shown that men think red to is the sexiest color on a woman. Researchers at the University of Rochester found that men who are shown pictures of a woman in a red dress want to ask her more amorous questions than men who are shown a picture of the same woman wearing blue or green.

  • Don’t wear sorts on a date if it’s summer. Wear a skirt or a light pair of slacks.
  • Shoes, depend on the date of course. A nice, clean pair of flats can either dress up or dress down depending your outfit and are a great comfortable choice of footwear. Don’t wear heels unless you’re comfortable doing so and aren’t in danger of keeling over with every step you take.
  • Don’t forget about the bag. A nice floral bag will do the trick especially that this is the trend in summer 2021.

2.Make sure you’re comfortable with what you wear

You don’t want on a first date to constantly fiddle with your shirt or your skirt because it feels too tight. You’ll feel uncomfortable and awkward and that feeling will be communicated to your date.

  • Don’t test out a new fashion trend on a first date no matter how flattering it looks in the shop. Avoid wearing new clothes on a first date, since you won’t have broken them in yet and gotten accustomed to them.
  • Again, it’s important to not wear shoes that you’re uncomfortable in. Also, don’t test out a new pair of shoes on your first date. Chances are your feet won’t thank you.

TIP #2: Know what’s perfect for you

A first date is not the time to experiment with a new, daring trend. It’s more important to feel comfortable, which means wearing clothes that suit your body type and personal style. For example, if you have great legs, now it’s the perfect time to show them off.

3.Go to your best style 

For a first date, there’s no need to have perfect hair and make-up (you don’t even have to wear make-up if you don’t want to), but whatever you do choose to wear and put on that help enhance your natural beauty. If you’re wearing make-up, make sure to do your favorite style and don’t try anything fancy.

  • Nails aren’t necessary to have done for a first date, but it can be a nice little boost for you. Paint them in bright vivid red to match your killer lips or dress! They’re fun and can give you a little extra confidence and style. If you do this is better to get rid off those earrings.
  • Style your hair. If you want to do a new hairstyle, test it the night before to make sure you can pull it off. Otherwise, go with one of your usual hairstyles.

Tip #3: Don’t go crazy with make-up

Again, this isn’t the time or place to experiment with daring beauty trends. Avoid piling on concealer and false eyelashes, and draw attention to your gorgeous eyes with mascara and liner, or plump your lips with a bright peachy gloss.


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