8 Guaranteed Dating Tricks That Will Turn Her On Instantly

8 Guaranteed Dating Tricks That Will Turn Her On Instantly

If you are trying to better understand women and the dating tricks that will turn her on, then you aren’t alone.

Numerous men make attempts on a regular basis to fully understand women and what makes them tick.

Do you remember the book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus? Sometimes it can seem as if men and women are from 2 different planets.

Luckily researchers have discovered some shocking things that turn her on.

Here is a summary of these things that can help you to better please your significant other:

Sappy romantic comedies & soap operas

Has your sweetheart ever tried to convince you to watch a cheesy romantic comedy with her but you declined? Next time you may want to take her up on her offer.

Not many men are known for their love of romantic comedies, but there might be some benefit to watching them.

Researchers have found that when women watch romantic comedies and even soap operas, that it can increase their sexual feelings.

So if you want her to get hot and bothered before you even get to first base, then sit down and watch that cheesy romantic comedy on your date.

You might even find that it’s not as sappy as you thought.

The movie may get her “in the mood,” which you will definitely benefit from.

Jokes & humorous fun dating tricks that will turn her on

Researchers have performed a great deal of studies on women and their views of humor. What are their findings?

It was found that although men don’t react in the same manner that a certain portion of women’s brains light up when they hear men acting silly or telling a funny joke.

So if you really want to make her happy, then all you have to do is make her laugh.

You don’t have to search for specific jokes to tell her, and all you need to do is be yourself. This is one of the simpler dating tricks that will turn her on.

With just a bit of acting silly and telling a few jokes, even if they’re lame, could promote laughter among both of you, encouraging closeness.

You don’t have to be as funny as Adam Sandler or Chris Rock to make your girl laugh, either. Just focus on being positive and making her laugh will likely come quite easily.

The other note here is to not take yourself to seriously. Be the guy in the crowd making jokes and she’ll eat it up.

A sexy, deep voice

Despite the fact that most modern women demand their independence,many of them prefer a “manly” man who is masculine and has a take-charge attitude.

This is not to be confused with a domineering man, however. One thing that many people associate with a super masculine, take-charge type of guy is a deep voice.

A deep voice turns on  a majority of women. A man with a deep voice, as opposed to a softer, more feminine-sounding voice, is more attractive for many women.

A study was performed on men from Tanzania, and it was discovered that the natives with deeper voices had more children.

These are the sort of dating tricks that will turn her on – and perhaps turn yourself on a little!

Casual, platonic touching

Another way to really turn your girl on is to touch her regularly, but in a casual manner. It has been discovered that non-sexual touching can make a woman feel closer to her guy.

If she feels closer to you, then she will be more likely to become turned on.

Sure, if the situation is right, a sexual touch could be a turn-on, but platonic touching like holding hands, a pat on the back, or even simply placing your hand over hers, can be so much more powerful.

Men with a creative side

The University of Pennsylvania performed an extensive study on women and it was discovered that a majority of women prefer men with creative talents as opposed to tech-type abilities.

Creative talents could entail anything from photography, art, and more. So if you have such a talent, then you may find that it’s one of your qualities that attracted her to you.

This might feel like one of the simpler dating tricks that will turn her on but it takes some dedication.

Showing your caring side

Many women love a guy who is not ashamed to show his softer side. For example, a man who stops to buy a homeless man a cup of coffee on a cold day would be highly successful at impressing his girlfriend.

So if you consider yourself to be caring then you shouldn’t hesitate to allow that side to shine through.

If you like to visit a senior citizen at a local nursing home who doesn’t have a family to visit her, then you shouldn’t hesitate to tell your girl about it.

She is very likely to be pretty impressed, which will work wonders for bringing the two of you closer.

Meaningful Conversation

Most women like to engage in conversations with others, especially their men. Studies prove that women are more likely to be attracted to a man who has the ability to carry on a meaningful conversation.

Women aren’t attracted to men who simply sit there and depend on the woman to initiate interesting conversations. Once of the dating tricks that will turn her on isn’t a trick at all, but really a skill.

So, if you’re looking to really wow your lady, then you need to learn to carry on a conversation on topics that interest you both, if you don’t already do so.

Taking Control

Women love a man that is confident and in control. When planning date night, plan it! Don’t ask her what she wants to do, take the lead and tell her what you guys are up to.

Be assertive and you’ll find yourself not needing dating tricks that will turn her on = you’ll have her weak at the knees already!

Women love a man who knows how to take charge. Indecisiveness is a huge turn off for girls.

If something comes up during a date, take control and handle it. Don’t look to other people to solve it, be the man in the situation.

Let us know what you think of the list and feel free to add your own in the comments section below!

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