10 Powerful Tips On How To Date Younger Women

10 Powerful Tips On How To Date Younger Women

Dating can be complicated if you decide to take a different approach than you did in the past.  Your interests or lifestyle may have changed, and you are thinking about dating someone younger than yourself.

Whether you are looking for women who are a few years younger, or want to date across the generation gap, start with these tips on how to date younger women, and have a great experience every time.

Learn To Relax

One mistake men often make when they want to learn how to date a younger woman is trying to impress the woman by acting like they are someone else.  This approach usually backfires.

Women will see you as very strange, and a phony.  Fortunately, there is a better, easier approach.

Learn to relax and be yourself.  Do not try to be something you are not.  This will only increase your nervousness, and will give her the wrong impression.

If you want the woman to like you, she needs to know and like you exactly as you are.  Give her the opportunity to do this by relaxing and being yourself.

Be The Leader

As you are older than her, she expects you to take the lead.  This does not mean you should be bossy or controlling.

What it does mean is her interest in you will increase when she sees you are capable of making decisions and taking charge.

One example is the decision of where to go on a date.  Many younger women are perfectly happy to allow the man they are dating to make these kinds of decisions.  She may feel relieved and secure if the decisions are entirely up to you.

Watch Your Behavior

You have found a younger woman you are attracted to, and want your first dates to be fun.  Whether the age gap is large or small, you do not want her to think you are a creep or a pervert.  This is why you need to be attentive to your behavior.

Do not make physical or sexual advances too soon.  When she has the chance to know you as a person before you make any moves, you will earn her trust.  You will be showing a sign of class that all women appreciate.

Her Life Is Her Own

Whether you are preparing to show her you are interested, or whether you are already dating, keep in mind that women want and need their own lives.

Avoid making mistakes such as showing up without advance notice, inviting yourself to dinner at her home, calling her when she is at work, and asking intensely personal questions.

When you are not together, focus on your own life.

Expect Changes

People do change, and young women change even more than older women.  If you are expecting a long-term relationship, you may end up disappointed.

Even if you and the young woman do stay together, you should not expect her to be the same person as she is today.

Her interests, goals, and even her personality will change.  Keep in mind the changes are more about herself than they are about you.

Be prepared for many changes, and do not take them personally.  She is in the process of becoming the person she truly wants to be.

Avoid Chasing Women

It is only a myth that women want to be chased.  While women in all age groups do not like this approach, it can backfire badly when the person is younger.

She needs to have her own life and her freedom.  Instead of actively pursuing her, make sure she has the opportunity to miss you and develop interest in you.

Manners Do Count

Good manners count more than you realize.  If she is like many young women today, she has not had much experience with men who show genuine courtesy.

When you open a door for her, pull out her chair for her, and other basic displays of manners and courtesy, it could be an entirely new experience for the younger woman.

These signs of class will make you more interesting and more desirable to the younger woman.  If these habits do not come naturally to you, practice a few times before you ask her out on a date.

Stability Is Better Than Drama

It seems nearly everyone these days takes drama as a fact of life.  It is unhealthy, chaotic, and can ruin a relationship before it even starts.

You need to be calm whenever any drama begins.  When you can act in a reasonable manner in any situation, it will improve your relationship.

While you should not go as far as to ridicule, minimize, or try to solve her problems, you can take an approach that is calm and rational.  She will see you as mature and sensible.

Understand Attachment

If you are not looking for a long-term relationship, you do not want her to become too attached to you.  She may start expecting more from you than you want to give, or begin depending on you.

One way to decrease the risk of attachment is noticing the frequency of your interactions.  You should not be calling, texting, or seeing her every day if you do not want her to become attached to you.

See her once a week or less, and once or twice per week is enough for calls or texts.  If you overdo the communications, she may consider it to be an exclusive relationship.

Understand Attraction

You may be one of the many men who feel they are irresistible to all women, or you may be one of the many men who feel insecure and undesirable around women.

Neither of these viewpoints will help you date the woman you want.

Instead, you need to learn how and why women are attracted to certain men, and not attracted to others.  When you learn these secrets, you can attract women like a magnet while continuing to be yourself.

While you may not capture the interest of every young woman you meet, you will see there are numerous women who want to be with you.

Knowing these important keys to attraction will lead to successful dating experiences.

There are many reasons older men are interested in younger women.  You may no longer be attracted to older women, or there may be a certain young woman you are interested in dating.

Younger women can help you feel more youthful, alive, and interesting.  You have had experiences she has not had, and this can be entirely different from dating women in your own age group.

The Final Word on How to Date Younger Women

Regardless of the reason you are considering younger women, neither your age nor stage in life has to stand in your way.

When you know you must take different approaches, you do not have to allow insecurity or nervousness to prevent you from meeting and dating the women you want.

It is a new experience for you, and it is a new experience for her, too.  Age may be more than a number, but it does not have to interfere with your social life.

Whether there is one particular woman you are interested in, or you want to date many different women, these new approaches will help you be successful.

Knowing how to date younger women is not about playing games, looking for a relationship or person that you can control, or feeding your ego.

It is about finding someone you want to spend time with, and having a good time.  No matter how long it lasts, your dating experiences can be exciting and fun.

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