How To Attract Any Woman You Want with 1 Powerful Secret

How To Attract Any Woman You Want with 1 Powerful Secret

You can learn how to attract any woman you want if you know this killer secret. I call this secret the “relationship potential” and it works like a charm.

Before I give you the details of these instant attraction triggers, I have to tell you this. Men and women are not configured the same way.

You see, the average man may want to go to bed with a woman even if he does not want to see her again after the act. Some guys even go to bed with women they do not find attractive.

There is no point talking about the morality of this “hit and run” mentality. It is just the way we are configured.

Fortunately, most women do not look at men from the one-night-stand perspective. As soon as you start chatting up a lady, she starts looking at you from the “potential partner” perspective.

She wants a lasting relationship and if you do not come across as the kind of man she wants to keep, you will not get anywhere with her.

This is the plain and unedited truth.

The thing here is that you need to have relationship potential. You have to come across as the man women want to fall in love with.

Once you can make the right impression on women, you will always get any woman you want.

Now, the secret is out so we can break things down into simple easy-to-practice steps.

A sense of humor

One thing you need to attract women is a sense of humor. This may sound rather simplistic but then great ideas are always simple.

If you have a great sense of humor, it means you are confident and comfortable with who you are. A sense of humor makes it possible for you to laugh at yourself sometimes and this is really good.

A sense of humor also means you do not take life too seriously. You can always look at the lighter side of things and this is good for your blood pressure.

A good sense of humor also means you are a cheerful and optimistic person. These are two qualities most women find irresistible. ‘

As we all know, if you can make a woman laugh, you can “go places” with her. We will come back to this later but first, let us distinguish between good humor and bad humor.

Good humor is good business

There is definitely a difference between good humor and malicious humor. You have good humor if you are able to laugh at yourself while you laugh with the other person.

This means that you should not be spiteful or boastful when you put your humor to work.

For instance, if you are recounting a funny incident, you do not always have to come out as the hero.

If you were the victim at some point in the story and eventually came out on top, this is bound to appeal to the imagination of the woman listening to you.

Maybe, you were on your way to your friend’s wedding party and you ran into a gang of muggers.

They took all your money and confiscated your mobile phones. They seized your jacket and tie and left you with just the trouser and the shirt.

At this point, you broke into tears and asked them to return the jacket because you cannot appear at the wedding looking like a bum.

Besides, the speech you will deliver at the wedding is in the pocket of your jacket.

The muggers relented and gave you back your shirt, jacket and the cheapest of your mobile phones.

The lesson here is simple. You had a few bad times but you still managed to attend the wedding and deliver the speech.

You did not let your friend down and even in your adversity, you were thinking of your friend and your responsibility at the wedding.

This is the kind of clean humor most women find irresistible.

Intelligence and humor go together

At this point, I have to let you in on another secret. Most women have more emotional intelligence than men do. Many women know that a sense of humor and intelligence go together.

If you are trying to get close to a woman and you display the witty and humorous side of your character, you are in with a chance already.

In the eyes of this woman, your sense of humor plus your intelligence means you have the ability to take charge of situations. You are not a wimp and you are not likely to be flustered by unexpected circumstances.

More to the point, you can be trusted to protect the woman and stand by her all the time.

Humor and good emotions

Another wonderful thing about a great sense of humor is that it is connected to good vibes. No woman wants a man who is boring and pessimistic.

Most women prefer a man who is exciting and a sense of humor points to excitement, adventure and a love of life.

I have already stated that if you can make a woman laugh, you are likely to “go places” with her.

This is because your jokes and funny stories make her feel good. She wants to be with you so that she will continue to enjoy the feel good factor that comes with being around you.

Social skills and a sense of humor

Another point in your favor is that your sense of humor makes you approachable. You can communicate with people easily and you are likely to have excellent relationship skills.

A sense of humor is also an indication that you are popular with your friends and you are likely to get along with her friends and relations.

You see, women look at the big picture and if you cannot fit into that big picture you are out already.

Humor and health

Good humor is connected to good health and smart women know this. A man with a ready smile and booming laugh is likely to enjoy better health than the one who goes around with a frown on his face.

It also takes a bit of energy to laugh and chat happily most of the time.

Finally, a great sense of humor (from a woman’s perspective) implies you have high energy levels and high testosterone.

To put things bluntly, your sense of humor implies you are strong, virile, thoughtful and intelligent.

These are instant attraction triggers and if you have these qualities, no woman will be able to resist you.

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